Outdated Equipment, Outdated Service

Shari Moss - Dec 21, 2017
For those of us that have been dealing with service ‘giants’ for more than a couple decades, be it privately or through business, it’s long overdue to take a close look at what has always been the norm...

For those of us that have been dealing with service ‘giants’ for more than a couple decades, be it privately or through business, it’s long overdue to take a close look at what has always been the norm, and what we should no longer accept in terms of service. The breath of fresh air that is arriving on the wings of the Millennials can only mean good business news (and sense) all around. Personally, I can’t wait. Here’s today’s story:

A company I have the good fortune to know, and happily patron, set up shop four years ago. Working with a service provider for wifi, because why would you not, equipment was set up in the shop and internet access began. The first two years seemed a little difficult in receiving proper internet service but the business was new and not an issue with the beginning few clients. Over time, however, due to this Shop’s exceptional service, business flourished and clientele grew exponentially. Sadly, the last two years brought nothing but angst in their wifi availability. It was poor to say the least, hardly ever worked and became very frustrating. Believe me this is a business that is enhanced by offering it to customers and staff.

What happens though when you just get used to the lack of workability in a product or service? It becomes acceptable as “it is what it is”. You grumble, you complain, you make excuses to people who ask, but mostly you end up just accepting. But when you do that you are lowering your own business integrity, your own level of service, your own initiatives and innovation. If you were a manufacturer of boots would you accept your supplier of laces to continue to provide ones too short and simply shrug to the customers? If you were a baker and the supplier of muffin papers started making them too small for your now-famous always-in-demand muffins would you change to smaller baked goods? But we are not talking about laces or muffin wrappers here, we are talking about Big Business Stuff to put it mildly. Something everyone can relate to and appreciate.

Let’s go back to The Shop. Finally having had enough, the proprietor gets back on the phone only this time she tells them she’s had enough. Put through to the third person, who can possibly help he has one question for her….Does her unit have green lights or blue lights on it? They are green is her reply. His answer? Well, ma’am thats your problem, that equipment is very outdated, we don't use it anymore.

Read that sentence again. It is HER problem?

I will address only two of the obvious, as I am sure by now you understand how many levels wrong that answer is. First, why would she have been given that equipment in the first place without some sort of way to look back into it as new products were developing which (SURELY) they would have been aware of at the time. And the bigger question is, what happened to all the queries she sent in to the provider over the last couple years? Wow. Talk about dropping the ball. Talk about becoming too big for yourself or over-inflated (believe me that’s a whole other blog). This to me is not only seriously harmful to all parties concerned but, thankfully, a new age is coming in breathing life into the Dinosaur Way (my own terminology) of doing business.

For those of you stuck in the past, or in the old way of thinking and doing, think again. Really ‘see’ how it may be affecting your business. Never accept less than excellent standards when it comes to service. It leaves room for what you need to become better or best. Your time and energy and expense is worth it, and it elevates you to an exceptional level. And that goes for anything, not just something as simple or ‘standard’ as wifi.

For those of you hoping to create or do business in the future, the world is yours. We can all use fresh ideas and work productivity at an elevated thought process. Be the best at being conscious of your own level of service and you will shine, you will have the advantage. I promise.

Oh, and The Shop now has a new unit. One with Blue lights. Because she asked, and she took the reigns, and now has perfect Wifi with a capital W.