Shari is a successful Entrepreneur, a published Author, Executive Film Producer, Speaker, and recognized Customer Service Expert.

Shari spent the first twenty years of her career climbing the ladder in customer service, growing from direct client care to VP of Sales, and all the way to Business Owner in Telecom. From there, the next decade brought new enterprises in the culinary field and distribution of natural health products. It was her years and whole experiences in customer service, which made Shari realize there was a true lack of something  very important. These unique insights inspired her to share her expertise on the art of great customer service in her first publication, “Be Ready to Dance with your Customer.


As a Author, Entrepreneur, Mentor & Coach, Shari works with companies who want to build excellent relationships with their customers. Her focus is on delivering true and dedicated service, consistency and training as key aspects, as it is her belief that "Great customer service is a habit not a moment."

Shari also holds a highest honours diploma in “Writing Stories for Children”. She has recently completed her first of many children’s books, and is excited to be able to share it with her readers soon. Stay tuned…

In addition, Shari has earned a High Honours Diploma in Relaxation Therapy, with a focus on Stress Management with respect to today's technological repercussions. Shari has successfully incorporated this into her business models and with the work she does with millennials.


In addition to writing, Shari continues to pursue her passion for cooking, health and wellness, which she combined with her entrepreneurial spirit to launch a partnership in the culinary world. She now dances between this successful business, publishing and her current work in film production.

Shari Moss - headshot of Shari Moss               Shari Moss - Shari's book "Be Ready to Dance with your Customer"               Shari Moss - smiling while sitting in a film director's chair

Underlying all of Shari’s work is her never-ending desires for exploring the world and helping others. Being an avid world traveller has provided Shari a unique perspective on customer service. Through her travels, she’s always valued the adventures from going the road less travelled, and truly experiencing the heart of the world’s traditions, and people, while never ceasing to have fun along the way. Shari doesn’t consider 'challenge' as a negative word but, rather, a place to start. Her dedication and generosity in helping others set their goals and achieve their dreams is evident the moment her sleeves are rolled up and can be heard to say,


"Head up, shoulders back, face forward, You’ve got this."


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Shari Moss - in an open food market in Asia
Shari Moss - drinking coffee at a temple in Asia
Shari Moss - in the wild
Shari Moss - in Turkey on a summer day
Shari Moss - Posing with actors at Santa Barbara Film Festival
Shari Moss - sitting in a Film Director's chair
Shari Moss - credit roll with "executive porducer - Shari Moss"
Shari Moss - poster for film "200 Hours"
Shari Moss - bags if grains & nuts from "Q cafe & bakery"
Shari Moss - plate of shrimp and vegetables
Shari Moss - menu at a cafe
Shari Moss - plate of fruit and nut salad
Shari Moss - bags if grains & nuts from "Q cafe & bakery"
Shari Moss - plate of shrimp and vegetables
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